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Welcome to Poslovna inteligencija, Data & Analytics consulting company. We make sense of data that unlocks hidden opportunities for our clients. We are passionate about delivering valuable and great solutions that help companies become data driven and make better business choices. 

If you have always been fascinated by data and you are on the hunt for your first job or internship, PI is the right place where you can start your career. Whether you prefer to code, design and build solutions, analyze data or predict trends, we have a place for you! Join our BIRD Internship Academy!

What is BIRD Internship all about?

BIRD stands for Business Intelligence Research & Development

Data Science and Data Engineering sound great to you? You see yourself as a specialist for data warehousing, data integration, data migration, ETL, data analytics or reporting? Great, keep reading.BIRD Academy Internship is our Zagreb based educational program for students of final years of technical faculties, those who freshly graduated or anyone who is interested in analytics and working with data. Our BIRD Academy lasts for six weeks and during this period participants are being introduced to the great world of data which gives them opportunity to acquire competencies enough to start working in this field.Our teaching approach is innovative and hands-on. It consists of solving practical tasks, working on project simulations and mastering different technologies. Our internship is paid, which means that all participants receive a scholarship. Most importantly, participants who prove themselves to be the best get the opportunity to work in PI full time.

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How BIRD Internship works?

Just apply

To get started simply apply for our internship program with your CV and a cover letter. Describe your educational background, projects you've worked on and your motivation for participating in our internship program. We would like to hear what inspires and drives you to give your best.

Selection process

After the initial application prescreening and deciding whether we make a potential match, we send you a technical task which consists of basic knowledge of SQL. If you pass the technical testing, you get the chance to present yourself at the interview. We can't wait to hear more about you!

Get started

If you made it to this phase, congratulations! You successfully completed our selection process. It means we strongly believe in you and want to uncover your potential. You are one of the best candidates and that's why we offered you the opportunity to be a part of our internship program for the next six weeks.

Classroom lectures

During the first three weeks we meet every day for the classroom lectures that are mix and match of theory and practical assignments. We take pride in our teachers who are among the best experts in this field with years of experience. We are certain you will expand your knowledge enormously.

Project mode

Next three weeks are all about working on the simulation of the real-life project. First we form the project teams, assign the roles and then you start working on the project. Your final goal is to design complex solution for our important client. During this period, you and your team have a dedicated mentor that keeps track of your work and supports you with your attempts. In the end, you and your team present your project solution to the commission.

Job offer

If you nailed pitching your project ideas to the commission, we gladly offer you a full time job in PI. From now on, you can expect to work with great colleagues and a dedicated mentor on the exciting and challenging projects using top technology stack. We also continuously invest in learning and take care of of our employees' health and work-life balance. Welcome on board!

Why should you join BIRD Internship?

Perks of joining our internship program


    Challenge yourself to step out of the comfort zone, put your theory into action and get that much needed hands-on experience that will prepare you for successful career.


    f you join us, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the most advanced technology stack using agile and collaborative methodology approach.


    Build your network and improve your social and communication skills. During our internship you will learn how to collaborate within the team and express your ideas in an effective way.


    Boost your confidence by exposing yourself to challenges and new experiences. Take risks and don't be afraid to fail. It's the only way to success.


    Our internship is paid and we make sure that your motivation, effort and eagerness to learn are being rewarded and don't go unnoticed.


    Moreover, if you excel and stand out from the crowd, we will offer you the full-time job. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Who are we looking for?

The BIRD Internship is the right choice if you:

  • Are a final year student or you just graduated from technical faculties
  • Are naturally inclined to technical and scientific subjects
  • Are data driven, have a strong logic and analytical skills
  • Are proactive and enthusiastic about learning new technologies
  • Highly value team work and love to share your insights
  • Have a positive outlook on life and see challenges as opportunities

Meet the BIRDs

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