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Who are we?

We are Data & Analytics consulting company committed to delivering great solutions and products that enables our clients to unlock hidden opportunities within data, become data-driven and make better business decisions. We transform data into value.

Since 2001 we have been growing. Today we are a team of more than 200 experts in different areas, with offices in Zagreb, Osijek, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Vienna, London, and Stockholm.

What technologies do we use in our work?

In our work, we use a rich technology stack that allows us to adapt the solution to the client's needs. Also, our team members have the opportunity to learn different technologies.

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Who are you?

You are motivated, proactive and hard-working. You consider ambition and curiosity to be your virtues. You are eager to expand your competencies and practice excellence while working with data. Some of your qualities are:

  • Data driven mindset

    You have well-developed analytical skills. You can easily analyze data, visualize the solution, set goals and create the most optimal way to reach them. You can show your data-driven mindset with us by recognizing relevant data and how it should be processed and interpreted in order to provide an effective solution.

  • Cross-industry outlook

    You have broad perspectives, different interests, you integrate knowledge from various fields and use them when solving business challenges.

  • A team player

    Teamwork is important to you. You communicate your ideas and thoughts with ease and actively listen to your colleagues when they do the same. In conflict situations, you react calmly and encourage conflict resolution for the benefit of the entire team. You respect others and their differences. It's easy for you to give and ask for feedback.

  • Learning enthusiast

    Your desire to constantly develop through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. You are aware of your strengths and use them for the benefit of the whole team. Also, you are aware of your weaknesses and you strengthen them by learning. You easily apply what you have learned in the work environment.

  • Sharing knowledge

    You readily share your ideas and knowledge with others. You gladly mentor younger colleagues, share knowledge at internal lectures, and suggest topics for our joint development.

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Why work in Poslovna inteligencija?

People & Culture

Great! That makes us a perfect match!

It is important to us that all members of the PI team have the opportunity to use their potential and enjoy what they do.


We pride ourselves on 20-year-long expertise that gives us the confidence to tackle exciting projects in uncharted waters. We value individual growth and challenge ourselves to be the best experts we can be.


From day one, we take care of the career development and advancement of each team member. We have a well-developed mentoring process, individual budget for education, internal academies and much more.


We work on challenging development and research projects in Croatia and abroad in wide range of industries (telco, banking, retail, hospitality, pharmacy, etc.).


We work in a friendly environment. In PI we genuinely cooperate and help one another. The key to honest teamwork is in feedback! It comes from colleagues on all levels, clients and project teams, and everyone is invited to share constructive ideas.


Through the benefits system, we ensure a balance between business and private life. We work hybrid, have flexible working hours, provide days off for major life events... and much more. We have your back at any given moment.


We care about mental and physical health. Health assessments, occasional back massages at the workplace, healthy breakfast, fruit, and psychological counseling are available to all employees... We encourage sport activities, and subsidize the Multisport card.

Our Values

We integrate our values into everything we do.


    We stick to our personal values. We are honest, considerate, and open in our communication. Loyalty to colleagues, users, and partners is our must. Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses makes us strive for being better in every field. We review our behavior and try to be objective, no one is perfect and everyone can make mistakes. We respect other people's personalities and diversity.


    We do our work conscientiously, respect agreements, strive for a bigger picture, and communicate openly and in a timely manner.  Colleagues and clients can truly trust us. We care about how our work affects others and contributes to our joint success.


    We love change! In changes, we recognize new opportunities for growth and development and we readily accept them. We adapt our products and solutions to the needs of the market and users. We make sure that the speed of changes does not threaten the stability of the system as well as we take care that the stability of the system does not slow down the changes.


    We are always thinking about what and how we can do better or differently, we bravely propose it and engage our employees in the idea development.


    We are dedicated to developing technical and business competencies, sharing knowledge with colleagues, and striving for constant personal growth. We tend to offer our clients the best solutions that will help them grow their businesses.

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Data & Analytical solutions Principal Consultant

Valentina Petrinić

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Where can you find us?

In Zagreb, London, Stockholm, Podgorica...